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Body Scrub Treatment

A body scrub removes dead skin cells, increases blood circulation.

  • 1 h
  • 80 US dollars

Service Description

When many people think of spa treatments, usually a facial comes to mind. When you get a facial, old and dull skin cells are scrubbed away to reveal soft and healthy skin that is waiting underneath. When you first arrive at the spa for your appointment, you will be offered a variety of scrubs. After you select the one you like, you will then undergo these 4 steps: 1- Strip down: Don't worry, you will have full privacy, can still wear underwear, and can cover yourself with a towel! 2- Get exfoliated: Your aesthetician will then come in the room and exfoliate your body by sections while the other areas are covered with your towel. 3- Get Rinsed- There will be some exfoliants left on your body, so your aesthetician will rinse you off with a Vichy shower. 4- Get Moisturized- When you are rinsed and dry, your body will be moisturized with lotion or oil. This will prolong the beautiful effects of the full body scrub.

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